Building Group Jansen

UZ Leuven Cabinet Surgery

The Jansen Building Company has been commissioned by UZ Leuzen to convert the former emergency and ambulance units into a ‘cabinet surgery’ unit, which is to be used for various types of minor procedures. These are procedures that do not require a high-tech operating room. This location makes it possible to jointly use the registration, reception and discharge lounge together with the Surgical Day Centre (CDC) and offers an effective access to the east entrance area in the future.

The Jansen Building Company would like to brainstorm with our client in order to create the best possible comfort zone for employees and, in this case, patients undergoing minor procedures.

The patient journey starts in the lounge, where he or she can wait together with a companion in a pleasant and warm environment. There is to be a wide range of seating furniture, which also provides the possibility for patients to work. After all, these patients are not ‘sick’. There is also an interactive children’s play area for the youngest patients. After the procedure, patients can relax and recover in an easy chair in the observation room, to be decorated in a homelike style.

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