Building Group Jansen

Prefamac, Lummen

Prefamac is known worldwide as a manufacturer of chocolate machines. The company has distinguished itself for years because of its innovative character: always responding to the evolutions and demands of the market.

Their new construction in Lummen therefore had to become a building with charisma. For this purpose, they only wanted to collaborate with partners who have a high standard of quality.

For the total finishing and techniques, Prefamac appealed to Jansen Building Company. Providing optimal comfort for all their employees was the starting point.

Prefamac is a progressive company and we are proud that they have chosen our innovative product Kay. Kay is an energy efficient ceiling system that integrates heating, cooling, lighting and acoustics.

In addition, a lot of light and space were created because of the extensive use of our system walls of Maars Jansen Living Walls.

The employees are extremely satisfied with their new workplace. Mission accomplished if you ask us.

Architecte HVC Architecten