Building Group Jansen

Iris Ziekenhuizen Zuid, Etterbeek-Elsene

Commissioned by Iris Ziekenhuizen Zuid, Jansen the Building Company has fully equipped the NEW tech building at the Etterbeek-Elsene campus.
This building houses an in-patient clinic, a brand-new operating theatre, an intensive care unit, and a sterilisation unit. This project is yet another example of Jansen’s single integrated approach. In addition to the complete interior finishing, our Maars Jansen Living Walls system walls were also chosen and our Jansen Cleanrooms division took care of the furnishing of the operating theatres.
At Jansen, we like to make sure we dot the i’s and we like to relieve our customers with our full-service provision.

The design ensures that a lot of light enters the large open spaces. This calms the patients and makes them feel welcome. Plus, the staff can practise their profession under the best possible conditions.
The PU floor incorporates drawings by artist Jeanet Honig from Switzerland.

The new in-patient clinic is designed to reduce the feeling of waiting time.
The new operating theatre with 4 rooms uses high-tech equipment and is located close to the intensive care unit.
There are another 4 operating theatres on the ground floor.

Architect Assar Architects