Building Group Jansen

Blauwe Boulevard car park, Hasselt

Jansen the Building Company has completed the Blauwe Boulevard car park, commissioned by the City of Hasselt. Safety was of course a very important consideration in this ultramodern car park with no fewer than 1,850 parking spaces. With over 1 km of glass walls providing fumes and heat extraction, this is a unique project in Belgium!

The car park offers affordable parking within walking distance of the city centre. It is located under the Quartier Blue commercial project – a brand-new district that opened its doors on 11 May 2020. It brings housing, ambience and jobs to the Kanaalkom area of Hasselt.

Want to go shopping in Hasselt and looking for a parking spot? Blauwe Boulevard Parking is the place to be!

Architecte Degregorio & Partners / Antonio Citterio – Ontwerper verlichting