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Why everyone “bims” with Jansen

The BIM phenomenon is now a staple in the text book of almost every construction professional. With its own chapter, even. Because thanks to the virtual BIM model, all the required information is accessible to colleagues, developers and (sub) contractors, etc., at all times so cooperation between construction partners can run efficiently. But construction is also about feeling and experiencing how things actually work on site. This is why Jansen mixes virtual expertise with practical experience: most places put a Berlin wall between the BIM team and the project team, but here at Jansen, we give everyone BIM training.

A BIM model (Building Information Model) is a virtual plan consisting of 3D elements packed with information. With all this information you can very quickly draw up plans, lists of requirements and details.

Sien van der Have is a BIM manager at Jansen the Building Company: “BIM improves traditional working methods, that is clear. It is no surprise that construction companies invest in a BIM department, with modellers and coordinators preparing projects. The technical implementation team literally builds on those virtual BIM plans. It is therefore important to keep the distance between these teams as small as possible. Because cross-pollination between virtual and the actual expertise ensures the greatest return.”

Sien goes a step further: “We turn each of our colleagues into a ‘2 in 1’ employee. From engineer or project planner to site manager: everyone receives a BIM upgrade. This is what the construction team of the future will look like, whereby the BIM model merges with project knowledge, technical knowledge and practical experience.”


BIM model as a service

This total vision has an important impact on the operation of the BIM department. It can no longer act or be treated as an island with BIM modellers and coordinators, but as a support team in which BIM supports specialists in every division. “We develop working methods and templates for every division. We are also involved in a number of working groups (RGG, Cluster Digital Construction, AR4SMO), to learn more about new developments. This means we can ensure the BIM model retains a high profile internally. The helpdesk means we are available 24/7 to everyone – remotely (behind the PC) or during on-site training. This is how we help everyone find the right information at the touch of a button. Not only colleagues, but also customers and designers. In short, BIM as a service”, explains Sien.

The road to... BIM pro

Every job in Jansen has been assigned its own BIM level. You learn the software and working method that most closely matches your profile: those who follow internal training can ascend to a higher level – from “Basic” to “Advanced” and then “Pro”.

Kevin De Gols is a site manager and therefore at “Advanced” level: “The BIM model makes everything on site so much easier. You can see what is needed at every location in real time. In the past you had to make a plan for this. This took extra time, and the chance of interpretation errors was greater.”

BIM model ensures concrete successes

The BIM theory sounds like music to my ears. But what benefits do we reap from it in practice? 

  • Jansen Living Walls calculates the glass partitions using the Maars4D software, which then automatically controls the order and production. BIM support specialist Joey Opheide worked with IT to programme an IFC export. This means the as-built glass partition walls are integrated into the BIM model. Would you like to know more about this? We would be happy to share our expertise with our partners/contractors.

  • The engineering for Grand Hôpital de Charleroi enjoyed full time BIM support. As a result, the engineers received thorough training so they could quickly find the information they needed. And the 3D view gave them much better insight into the project. Furthermore, the Excel files with BIM quantities and screenshots per floor made the price inquiries more concrete. And the impact? This approach lowered the threshold for subcontractors to take part.

  • Jansen’s own products, such as KAY climate islands and precast elements in plasterboard, will be available in BIM soon for designers and architects. This will make designs much clearer visually. In addition, the BIM model helps to quickly determine and order the correct quantities (via an automatically-generated order form).

The future belongs to “bimmers”

It is clear: the BIM model is here to stay. This is precisely why Sien is already looking to the future: “From 2021 we will use the BIM approach for maintenance. The client decides from the outset what information he wants in order to plan his maintenance. We can process this information in the model straight away. This makes it a small step to upgrade the as-built model to a ‘maintain’ model, which can be seen on a user-friendly platform. We offer training to familiarise the customer with the total maintenance we offer.”

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