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"The global trend of ‘co-spaces’ finally breaks through in Belgium"

A Duchateau-cartoon increases productivity and creativity at Jansen building Company

OUDSBERGEN/ZONHOVEN, January 17, 2019 – In recent months the well-known artist Kim Duchateau has been sketching a cartoon in... the office of construction company Jansen Building Company (formerly named Group Jansen) in Oudsbergen. Jansen has some experience with this kind of project: previously it worked with Kamagurka and Marc Lagrange. According to Trendwatcher Katherina Kitsinis, this artistic initiative fits into a global trend, where co-spaces (coworking spaces) replace the traditional offices. This increases the productivity and creativity of employees by up to 70%.

In his giant drawing – about 3.5 by 1.5 metres – Kim Duchateau combines the Jansen philosophy with a few typical clichés from the construction sector. The result? A work of art with a bold wink. "My favorite part of the drawing is the confrontation between Superman and Rambo," says the artist. "They want to attack each other but are held apart by a woman." That symbolizes the power of female entrepreneurship. "

But the drawing is more than just a gimmick. Kim believes in the positive effect of art on the work floor: “In a relatively boring environment art distracts from the ordinary. It stimulates the imagination. Drawings, photographs or paintings will be done in a different way to your life or look at your work.”

Cartoonist Kim Duchateau

The work environment determines happiness at work

Nadia Jansen (CEO Jansen building Company) wholeheartedly shares this conviction. The five offices of construction company Jansen – in Oudsbergen, Zonhoven, Westerlo, Charleroi and Malines – are arranged as flexible workstations in an open space. The interior looks sleek and soothing. Soft music in the background, fresh flowers or even scented candles in winter... ensure conviviality and a homely atmosphere.

“We think it is important for employees to feel happy in their job,” says Nadia about this. “And the working environment is a determining factor. The ‘fun factor’ is a crucial element: work hard and laugh hard. That’s why we reserve the necessary space for art in our office equipment: modest, inspiring and with a touch of humor. In the head office in Zonhoven, we have two life-size photographs of Marc Lagrange. And a drawing of Kamagurka adorns the first floor.”

“Jansen illustrates the breakthrough of co-spaces in Belgium”

In this regard, Jansen building Company belongs to the trendsetters in our country, says trendwatcher Katherina Kitsinis: “In the past, an office was purely functional. Nowadays, as an employee, you are consciously choosing a company, you identify with the corporate culture. A company is a community of like-minded, committed employees who are open to cooperation (co-working). The consequence? Office spaces are designed to encourage such cooperation.

More and more companies are creating their own bars, restaurants and sports facilities. Also design and art play an important role: "There are already 15,000-so-called co-spaces in the world, especially in the USA, Asia, the UK and Australia. For the time being, Belgium is lagging behind, but is on the verge of a breakthrough. That’s quite logic, because co-spaces create a good mix between work and relaxation. This augments comfort, reduces loneliness and increases productivity and creativity by as much as 70%. "

Lunch room Oudsbergen

About Jansen Building Company (formerly named Group Jansen): Jansen Building Company is a general contractor of the highest class, specialized in interior finishing and technical installations.
Our building company works with its own experienced professionals in a team of 350 people, rooted in a 45-year-old family tradition. We operate in four areas: contracting, product development, real estate development and facility management. This means that as a contractor we also carry out the interior finishing and technical installations and manufacture the related products ourselves (such as intelligent ceilings, prefabricated elements, movable walls, …) As a one-stop shop we propose global solutions by means of a vertically integrated company structure. Jansen Building Company has its headquarters in Zonhoven: the company accomplishes every year over 100 million euros worth of projects in various sectors: office, retail, residential real estate and niche sectors (pharma, cleanrooms, leisure and tunnels)

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