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“The future of construction will be marked by comfort”

Jansen Building Company reveals four flagship projects for 2019

Jansen Building Company (formerly named “Group Jansen”) has experienced a strong growth over these last years and now counts 350 professionals. A part of them works in the new production hall at Oudsbergen, the rest in the new office in Malines. But to stand still is to go backwards… For the next three years, CEO Nadia Jansen aims for explosive business growth by focussing on comfort (the next big thing after sustainability) and their own products. In 2019, there will be four flagship projects: the Phoenix building, the Gare Maritime, the Roeselare campus of the Delta GH and QinetiQ Space.

Jansen Building Company is ambitious. These past months, CEO Nadia Jansen and her team have worked on a growth plan. The family company is now on a double track and builds both on comfort and their homemade products.

On the one hand: comfort as the third wave

The time when buildings were just supposed to be as cheap and efficient as possible, is far behind us. In the meantime, the accent on sustainability has even become mainstream: “The building sector has to up-change to third gear” says Nadia. “The buildings of the future are not just sustainable constructions. They are healthy and comfortable living environments as well, where people feel good. “Comfort” is the superlative degree of “sustainability”. The air quality, the interior climate, the light angle and the acoustics play a decisive role. But flexibility and user friendliness will also determine the value of real estate  in the future. Because in the end one builds for the people inside the building.”

On the other hand: homemade products

As a contractor and a finishing company, Jansen Building Company focuses on comfort in its projects. But that is not the only role Jansen plays: the family company is also a producer of building materials.

Three revolutionary products are gaining a high profile on the market, according to Nadia: “Our Kay climate ceilings are innovating ceilings that stabilize the temperature in winter and in summer. Our partitioning walls are doing well too. And the prefabricated plasterboard jamb elements and drywall corners are booming”

Production hall Jansen Building Products

Because these products are so popular, Jansen is expanding: “In Oudsbergen, we are doubling our production and storage capacity. That way we can follow the annual growth of the prefabricated jambs (20%). The new office in Malines is conceived as a working space, but at the same time as a big showroom for the Jansen homemade products.”

Office Maars Jansen Living Walls

Four flagship projects

In 2019, this growth will lead to some astonishing projects:

  • Jansen will transform the Phoenix building (property of Baloise) in the centre of Brussels into an energy efficient building with a modern look. The outer shell will be renewed but the original architecture will remain intact. Flexibility (every floor will consist of an open space office that can easily be partitioned according to the needs of the client), comfort and high-end finishing will be the eye-catchers.

  • In Brussels, we will take part in the construction of the Gare Maritime, an indoor city inside Tour & Taxis. The old station will be replaced by a network of boulevards, streets, parcs and squares. People will be able to shop, work, relax and go to events. The twelve building blocks will cover an area of 45.000 m2: Jansen will be handling the offices.

    Gare Maritime
    Gare Maritime, Brussels
  • In the Roeselare Campus of the Delta HG as well, there will soon be Jansen products. The new campus will have 722 beds and covers an area of 116.000 m². All the functions will be integrated in 7 building levels. The campus is composed of 3 volumes: the hospital, a block for the support functions and a power plant.

  • QinetiQ Space has 30 years of experience in the building, launching and controlling of complex smaller space systems and satellites. Jansen Cleanrooms (a division of Jansen Building Company) is building a new cleanroom of 400m² in Kruibeke. This is where the satellites that will later be launched are built. Furthermore, the factory hall (over 1000m²) will be stripped of everything and completely redecorated.

About Jansen Building Company (formerly named Group Jansen): Jansen Building Company is a general contractor of the highest class, specialized in interior finishing and technical installations.
This building group works with its own experienced professionals in a team of 350 people, rooted in a 45-year-old family tradition and operates in four areas: contracting, product development, real estate development and facility management. We act as a general contractor of the highest class but in comparison to other contractors, we also carry out the interior finishing and technical installations and manufacture the related products ourselves (such as the KAY intelligent ceilings, prefabricated elements, movable walls, …) Our strength is that we completely unburden our client and propose global solutions by means of a vertically integrated company structure. As a one-stop shop, we combine our specializations in general contracting, interior finishing, technical installations, cleanrooms, renovation/restauration and maintenance.

Jansen Building Company was founded in 1973 and has its headquarters in Zonhoven: the company accomplishes every year over 100 million euros worth of projects in various sectors: office, retail, residential real estate and niche sectors (pharma, cleanrooms, leisure and tunnels)

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