Building Group Jansen

Open Sites Day 2019

May 19th 2019 - Open Sites Day, as well as the official West-Flemish opening of it on the construction site of the new main campus of the GH Delta in Rumbeke. Minister Hilde Crevitgs was given the honour of cutting the ribbon.

The work on the new campus construction progresses well and in autumn the move will start, after which the campuses Wilgenstraat and Westlaan in the center of the city will close.

Visitors got a unique look behind the scenes of the newly built hospital, almost thirteen years after the first competition designs, thousands of plans and an intense collaboration between tens of companies.

It is very impressive, because realizing and finishing such a megaproject is a complex thing. "Together with Jansen the building Company, we formed a temporary trade association and were assigned the charge of 'finishing', explains Hendrik Wulteputte, director of the works of the company Wycor.

In numbers

"The finishing work started after the screed floors and flexible floors had been laid. For the finishing, there is a budget of 42 million euros. It embraces everything that needs to be finished in the hospital of 115,000 square meters, except for the technical installations. Just think of all the plaster walls, the suspended ceilings, the painting, the interior doors and inner windows, ... For this, we processed 375,000 square meters, or 55 football pitches, of plasterboard panels, 45,000 liters of paint for the painting works, or a swimming pool of ten meters long, three meters wide and one and a half meters deep, 3,741 hinged doors, 634 sliding doors and 6 million screws in the drywall, which, if they were put in a row would cover the distance from Roeselare to Santiago de Compostela. "

Our business entity Jansen Cleanrooms ensures the realization of the hospital pharmacy (from design to validation) and for the finishing they also used our prefabricated plasterboard elements from Jansen building Products ( 60% time saving for the plasterers).