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LIMBIM’s help prevent misunderstandings on-site

Jansen the Building Company joins the BIM revolution

ZONHOVEN / DIEPENBEEK, 23 September 2019 – Preventing misunderstandings on-site and delivering on time are the classic challenges for any construction project. With the rise of the BIM working method, construction companies are taking the plunge. Jansen the Building Company is fully involved in this movement. It set up a BIM team, appointed a BIM manager, and recruited two LIMBIM employees. The LIMBIM employees in question were trained in 70 days as part of the eponymous LIMBIM project… and were then able to start working at Jansen.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a relatively new⁠—but already indispensable⁠—working method in the international construction sector. The starting point is that all parties involved in a construction project should work together in an understandable 3D model. The partners contribute continuously to the plan so that you as architect, building developer, or (sub)contractor are always working on an up-to-date version. Moreover, the system indicates possible errors when parties want to set up conflicting actions.

BIM employee in 70 days

Under the banner of ‘LIMBIM’, the Limburg Construction Confederation, the City of Hasselt, the Province of Limburg, POM Limburg, VDAB, and Cevora prepare job seekers to work as BIM employees within 70 days. “Today is the start of the third phase, in which 15 participants receive a free, tailor-made training course,” explains Chris Slaets (Director of Limburg Construction Confederation). “The pace of learning is high because we bring in experts with in-depth knowledge and experience.”

Joey at Jansen

Many ‘graduates’ from previous programmes were able to start working immediately after completing the programme. Jansen the Building Company, for example, presented Joey Opheide with a contract: “I studied applied computer science. After that, I joined our family business as a roofer and on the staff. During LIMBIM, these two passions—IT and construction—came together. The training course gives my career a new impetus. Within Jansen the Building Company, I can continue my development because the company is open to everything that happens in the field of BIM. In concrete terms, I support colleagues who are going to work with Revit and Solibri and I help to develop the Open BIM working method.”

The birth of the BIM team

The fact that Jansen the Building Company pays the necessary attention to BIM is evident from the appointment of a real BIM manager. For Sien van der Have, the manager in question, the importance is clear: “By applying the BIM principles, the execution time is shortened and the number of errors on site is reduced. We solve misunderstandings digitally in advance. This way, you avoid conflicts and mistakes on site. Our team supports the other services in projects, forms an internal helpdesk, and trains as many colleagues as possible internally.”

Pioneer within Flanders

Jansen the Building Company belonged to the trio that applied the BIM working method in a large-scale project for the first time ever. “Together with architectural firm VK A&E and MBG, we were pioneers in the construction of the AZ Sint-Maarten hospital. In the meantime, we also applied the Open BIM working method in projects for Gare Maritime (Tour & Taxis), De Persgroep, TUC Rail, and BlueChem,” concludes Sien.

About Jansen the Building Company: Jansen is a general contractor of the highest category, specialised in interior finishing and techniques. This construction group is rooted in 45 years of family tradition with 350 professionals all active in four fields: contracting, product development, real estate development, and facility management. Jansen the Building Company, headquartered in Zonhoven, has successfully carried out projects worth over 100 million euros annually in various sectors: office, retail, residential, and niche sectors (pharma, cleanrooms, leisure, and tunnels) since its establishment in 1973.

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