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Gutami Solar & Partners turn large(r) roofs into power plants

Solar panels are still really worth the effort

A 'roof over your head' doesn't have to be a 'cost'. Larger roofs of companies, institutions and organisations can now easily be transformed into profitable power plants. That's why Gutami Solar, Buijsse Constructs, I.S.O. Roof and Jansen the Building Company decided to join forces. From the idea to the actual implementation, everything is coordinated by a single contact person: a uniquely simple process!

Solar energy is more than ever a topical issue. But installing panels requires a lot of thinking, calculating, doing and coordinating. Gutami Solar & Partners completely relieves companies, institutions and organisations that wish to optimise an existing or new roof by installing solar panels.

Gutami Solar has years of experience, offers the most durable materials and has the necessary professionals to guarantee the technical quality of solar panels. In addition, the company from Beringen calculates the Return on Investment in advance (taking into account the various subsidy and support possibilities) and participates financially if desired.

More and more, however, we were asked not only to install solar panels for companies, (government) institutions and organisations, but also to carry out total projects,' says Marina Doggen, CEO of Gutami Solar. “That's why we entered into a partnership with three other companies, each bringing their specialty to the table in order to achieve a profitable energy roof from scratch. As Gutami Solar we relieve our customers completely and are the only contact person and coordinator from start to finish.”

Jansen the Building Company from Zonhoven designs and manufactures all electrical switchboards through Jansen Technics' panel-building department. They create grid decoupling panels for PV installations and power boards for energy control.

Roofs made of asbestos corrugated sheets are expertly renovated by Buijsse Construct from Nazareth (East Flanders). It goes without saying that roofs containing asbestos should be dealt with sooner rather than later because the longer one waits, the more expensive it will become. A unique opportunity to install solar panels on it. Over the years, Buijsse has already removed more than 2.5 million tonnes of asbestos corrugated sheets in Belgium.

Last but not last, our fourth partner is I.S.O. Roof from Staden (West Flanders). International Solar Operations is a more than experienced installation company for international, industrial PV projects.

Nadia Jansen, CEO Jansen the Building Company and Marina Doggen, CEO Gutami Solar are delighted with this collaboration. “Green energy is the future, everyone is convinced of that.” They state that “by joining forces, we can offer our customers a total solution.” “A solid/similar solution with solar panels only results in winners. Everyone needs a roof over their heads, but if the cost of that roof is converted into a profitable investment, then everyone benefits.”

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