Building Group Jansen


At Building Group Jansen, we strive for sustainable and responsible work and production. We spread this philosophy in our company in order to create the most pleasant working environment. In several offices of Building Group Jansen, the building envelope was reduced to energy efficient level by using sustainable finishing techniques and materials.

Some systems that are present in the buildings: 

  • climate ceilings and climate ceiling islands in combination with a type D ventilation system (energy recovery)
  • sun protection
  • a heat pump (air/water)
  • low-energy LED lighting

Controlled ventilation with a limited energy loss and assuring healthy, well ionised air are key. Solar energy through the use of photovoltaic solar panels is also produced.

We prove every day, in small and large things, that Building Group Jansen is an environmentally conscious organization.

  • We ensure to work as much as possible with recycled paper and reduce the number of prints to a minimum.
  • We promote commercial, utility and heavy-duty vehicles with low CO2 emissions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. This was considered one of the most important criteria while renewing the fleet.
  • Meticulous sorting of waste.
  • We donate reusable materials to recycling organisations such as Creasi. E.g., our old yard cloths get a second life as laptop bags, makeup bags, lampshades,...
  • Within our company, we have a culture of carpooling when moving between the different sites of the Group.