Building Group Jansen


Class Category Description
8 D General contractor of construction works
8 D1 Structural works and roofing of buildings
8 D20 Metal joinery
8 D4 Sound and heat isolation, light movable walls, false ceilings and raised access floors, prefabricated or not
8 D5 Carpentry, wooden frames and staircases
7 D18 Ventilation, air heating and air conditioning
7 D25 Wall and floor coverings with the exception of marble, parquet and tile work
7 P1 Electrical installations in buildings, including the installations of power generators, fire and theft equipment, telecommunication in buildings and their environment and installations or equipment of mixed telephony
6 D10 Tile work
6 D13 Paint work
5 E General contractor of civil engineering
5 G General contractor of earthworks
5 P2 Electrical and electromechanical installations of artwork and industrial establishments and electrical outdoor installations
5 P3 Installations of aerial power lines
5 S1 Public telephone and telegraph equipment, data management
4 D11 Plaster works and leveling
4 D8 Roofing in asphalt or similar products and jointing
2 D15 Parket work

Provisional acknowledgements

Class Category Description
8 D16 Sanitary (installations) and gas heating installations by means of individual devices
8 D29 Floor coatings and cladding of industrial floors


Category Description
ISO 14001 Standard for environmental policy
ISO 9001 Standard for quality
VCA** Building Group Jansen (Fabriekstraat 2 -3670 Oudsbergen) voor: de uitvoering van projecten van algemene afwerking – binnenafwerking en speciale technieken in het kader van nieuwbouw- en renovatieopdrachten